My Story

I was born October 1975 in Ibadan, a sprawling university city in south-western Nigeria. One of my fondest childhood memories was staring at the projector screen as my father showed slides from his travels across Australia and New Zealand. How I wanted to travel the world!

Then I discovered faraway places by immersing myself in the pages of a book. Sometimes by squeezing my eyes tight, I saw myself walking down cobbled European streets or swaying a beaded waist to pulsating drum beats when African warriors still ruled the Savannah plains.

My love for reading just about anything I could lay my hands on, led to poetry writing when I was twelve. It was the best way I made sense of all those long, angst-filled teenage and young adult years that followed. 

In the year 2000, after our big, loud, African wedding, I joined my husband in Maryland, USA. Over that decade, I stayed home to raise our children, moved to Ontario, Canada and went back to university to become a Social Worker. 

Since 2009, I've been very fortunate to work as a child protection worker, a crisis counsellor and currently as a long-term therapist in children's mental health. Spending my day with children brings me joy. They truly have a lot to teach.

I currently live in scenic Chatham, Ontario where I'm working hard on my next novels. 

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